Start again

Today was the first day of proper school for the girls, at least proper work from home school. Both our girls turned out to be model students, paying close attention to their teachers via their iPads.
There were a few hitches. Because the girls have headphones so they can concentrate on their classes, but don’t remember they are attached by the leads to their iPads, and because La Serpiente can’t stop getting up and horsing around, there were a few times where she almost yanked several hundred dollars of electronics to the floor. I started to configure the Bluetooth settings on their headphones to stop this nonsense, but that led to a long digression where I had to explain to my daughters about the etymology of Bluetooth, and that got very hazy once I tried to explain about Vikings with an obsession around communication.

We had a call with Destroyer’s teacher. One question she asked was what nicknames our daughter has. I guess we missed a trick here to tell her the (incomplete) list:

  • Cheddar
  • Pancetta
  • Vanessa
  • Turtle
  • Bean Bean
  • And of course, Butterball Destroyer

On second thoughts, better we didn’t.

The air continues to be filthy. I left the house once today, to put out the bins. Aside from that, I sat at my desk, I dangled from my chin up bars, and I drank coffee after coffee. So that’s a few achievements for me.

In the evening, after their usual round of squeaking, jumping up and down and demanding to eat sweets, the girls went quickly to sleep. All that was left was to wait for more Amazon deliveries and dream of clean air.

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