Start as you mean to go on

The world doesn’t quite feel real at the moment. Maybe it’s the sudden plunge back into tropical temperatures after a month in the Pacific Northwest. Or staying up too late playing Blood Bowl. Or perhaps it’s watching six men in identical yellow shirts wrapping and packing every one of our possessions in preparation for shipping. It’s not often you get to say "this is the last time this will happen" but I’ve probably had my last walk on the footpath near my old block of flats. I think I probably had my last Singaporean ice cream more than a month ago, without even realising.
For dinner tonight, I had a veggie delite from Subway. Now everything is packed and we’ve moved out to a hotel, reasonable meals are no more. But back in 2011,when I was commuting to Singapore from Hong Kong, my diet was largely made up of horrible Subway sandwiches, so I suppose this is the Ouroborous, eating its own, delightful vegetarian tail.

I’ve walked an insane amount today, more than 20,000 steps (back and forth to school and home and the office, and back and forth to my local cafe (last ever pancakes for breakfast with the girls) repeating the journey when I bought my wife a coffee and got halfway home before I realised I hadn’t actually waited for them to serve it to me) and numerous trips from hotel to flat and back again.

But we’re almost done now. A few more bags to shift, and I can relax, replete in the knowledge that I’ve set up my daughters with email accounts, and they won’t even notice for years to come…

So, it’s Tuesday. Saturday, we’ll be somewhere else. And then the jet lag can stop for a while.

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