Start me up again

This morning I went down to the basement and worked out in my VR headset for almost 50 minutes – I chose a ludicrous session where I worked out to classical music for 18 minutes (culminating in can can music) and then another 22 minutes of frenetic hopping around while a coach growled at me. Then, an easy 8 minutes to cool down, and I was done for the day.
After weeks of being basically sedentary, it was nice to move again. The trick is to make the habit stick; I need to get better at fitting in some exercise every day, rather than just these bursts. Perhaps I’ll manage to get up first thing and pile through it, or else take a pause

It was a sunny day today, so things were nice: I drove down to Costco, bought some pizzas to hand out to the homeless at outreach, and then sat by the side of the road on some grass, rather than the usual battling against wind and rain. Then I drove back, stopping to get lunch at a posh supermarket (at about 4pm) and then dinner with our next door neighbours, which is turning into a regular Sunday thing.

I also got to try out some of the beer we bought in Oregon, a salted caramel porter, which could have been utterly disgusting but turned out to be really nice, a flavourful chocolate drink that was still strong beer. And then home, to put the kids to bed and blunder on to the end of the weekend.

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