Start of a new year

I began 2019 not as I meant to go on: lying on the floor of my brother’s old bedroom, waiting for my daughter to wake up and vomit. She came snuffling into our bed at 1am on the 31st, and snored and thrashed for an hour before throwing up all over the bed while I was fetching her some water. Since then, she’s been weak and nauseous, off her food and being sick until 4am on New Year’s Day.
On the positive side, her blocked up nose has cleared up, and she hasn’t been sick now for almost 19 hours, but I’m a bit worried about her being on a plane for 12 hours tomorrow. We shall see…

My wife diligently packed. We arrived with three suitcases over the last month and a half, and we’re going back with five, jammed full of stuff. All those wonderful books and toys and bottles of gin that need to be transported back to Singapore.

I kept La Serpiente company by sitting beside her all morning. She was glued to the iPad, watching Paw Patrol on Netflix, but every time I got up to go she pleaded with me to stay. So I compromised and played a game of Blood Bowl while I sat next to her, and won 2-0. So far this year, my win rate is pretty good.

I tried to encourage her to go out for a walk in the afternoon but she was still too weak, so instead I tried to clear up some of the detritus that has lingered in my parents’ house for the last two decades. That quickly detoured into looking at some very old photographs, and then finding the very large stack of old Games Workshop games hidden in a cupbaord:

If I could find a way to sell some of these, I’d be a (slightly richer) man.

And so to bed, after getting La Serpiente down easily, and Destroyer having another tantrum (food wasn’t how she wanted it, she wasn’t hungry, then she ate it all, then she complained she was hungry, then we said there was no chocolate…) for an hour or more. We had to be careful, because she had a similar tantrum on her own last night, and we only realised today she had a black eye. But today she went to sleep nice and easily, and now I’m hoping tomorrow everyone is OK…

And on into 2019…

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