Start of the season

I had my first Blood Bowl match of the new season with my team of rat men today, and it ended cruelly with a 3-2 loss. Early on, my star player Stuart Little got hurt badly enough to miss the next game, and as the weather was sweltering heat, I kept having players succumb to sunstroke. Playing for 75% of the game with never more than 6 players was really hard going, so managing to almost get a 2-2 draw is something, I guess, and because several of my valuable players are out for a game, it means the next game (vs violent goblins) there’s less damage to sustain.

Still, it’s a bit tough to spend two hours like that. I guess it’s strengthening my character. If my strengthening I mean swearing at my dice when they don’t do what I want… and so to bed. The problem with a rat team is they’re fragile, so you need them to keep winning. If I can survive without them spiraling into death, maybe we can rescue the season.

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