Starting to struggle without sugar

Today is the fourth day that we’ve been without sugar, and the cracks are beginning to show.  Since I’ve been back to the office, I’ve been preventing myself from eating dreadful food by photographing everything that isn’t one of my three square meals or my morning cup of coffee, and it’s been depressing so far – different kinds of processed potato chips (all devoid of sugar, but also devoid of flavour). If I publish them, it will be the grimmest Instagram feed ever.

I was in a succession of meetings today, and I found myself losing the will to live about 1pm, which was when lunch arrived. But since lunch was nothing more substantial than broccoli and rice, I still hadn’t regained my joie de vivre when the afternoon session started, and instead had a wave of narcolepsy to fight against. I am interested in what you’re saying, it’s just that I can’t stop my eyes rolling back in my head.

What’s worse is that we have a full-day session tomorrow as well, and as a treat everyone has been bought macarons. Yes, those delicious French confections. Yes, the ones made out of nothing but happiness and sugar, which therefore I can’t eat. Is my life nothing more than a cosmic joke?

On the positive side, La Serpiente and Destroyer have been very well behaved and even went down without a struggle today (La Serpiente was the very model of a well-behaved child all day too, which I find somewhat suspicious) which meant I could go out for a run this evening, the better to take my mind off wanting to stuff my face with candy and chocolate and stave off the rage that comes from sugar deprivation. It will all be right in a couple of weeks. I just have to get through that without killing anyone…

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