Starts, declines, bounces

Today was La Serpiente’s first day at her new school, so the four of us left the house at 735 and made our way up to the playground. There were mobs of children and parents wandering around all over the place, but we got her lined up, met her teacher and then dispatched her to the world of elementary education.
Then I got on the bus and went to the office. Door to door, that took about an hour – I expect if I’d ridden to work it would have been about five minutes faster, but we don’t know how much longer it would take to walk La Serpiente to school while dragging my bike alongside us. So some work to do there.

Speaking of work, I felt blue all day. There were a few reasons for this. I’ve been working on PowerPoint, which always saps the joy from my life. The girls woke us up about 330 this morning and then I couldn’t sleep for an hour because I was worrying about impending PowerPoint work, and then there were an interminable series of meetings which were either cancelled without any notice, or moved, or which did happen and then you realised were not worth having. So, er, not so much fun today. Or perhaps I just needed sleep.

So I went home, and the kids yelled at me for a while, which wasn’t nice, and then I put them to bed, and they wanted to be cuddled, which was nice, and then I did paperwork, which is also not nice. But the first day of school went well for both girls, so that’s at least a 50% success ratio. I have just got to get through tomorrow and then I’m away for the weekend. Maybe a 5 day week will be healthier next week…

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