State Fair

Today we took the girls to the Washington State Fair. That meant an hour’s drive down to Puyallup in the pouring rain, and five minutes before we arrived Destroyer vomited her breakfast into her lap, which was a great way to start.
Thankfully we had a change of clothes for her (intended for when rain soaked the first set, but no matter). We changed her, and then went into the fairground.

I had assumed it would be an enormous muddy field, but it’s a much more permanent set up, with huge warehouses full of people selling tat, barns full of animals, and fairground rides.

The best thing we saw all day was the Mutton Busters – an ovine rodeo where small children were persuaded to ride sheep, and Almsot invariably fell off face first into deep, sticky mud. I laughed and laughed and laughed, and crossed my fingers when they made us stand up for the American National Anthem.

The girls got to ride in a cable car, in a canoe, on a merry go round (or "mega go round" as Destroyer calls it, on a motorcycle themed merry-go-round that made La Serpiente look gleefully manic, and on some real life ponies. So I think they enjoyed the whole thing.

I was cold and damp because I’d left my raincoat at the office, but I had about three coffees and that got me through the day. It even stopped raining. At one point. For about five minutes.

If we went again, I’d try to remember that all the food is twice as expensive and half as good as it should be, and to remember both a hat and a coat. Otherwise, it was a quite enjoyable wander through some strange part of America, including giant pumpkins and all that sort of thing

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