Stepping closer…

We now have the roof on the extension almost complete: the waterproof layer is installed, antecedent to framing and decking.

Unfortunately, installing that required cutting one of the power cables we’d run, so until that’s fixed we have no power to outlets for the upstairs. We have the lights working, so we can see what we’re doing. Or we could, if the electric company would deign to return and reconnect us to the grid.

Still, we have three more weeks to resolve these issues before we move back in. Some things are going to be simple (reconnecting a few cables here and there) and some are fiendishly complicated (running a cable from the meter box into the main panel in the house) but I can see what needs to be done in each case. The stress of solving these things, working, and planning a fun Christmas for the girls is a bit much, but we shall prevail. After all, what is the alternative?

I had about four hours sleep today. La Serpiente came down at midnight and refused to go back to bed. The coalblack cat that comes with this house curled up on the other side of me and wouldn’t stop purring, and the bed was thus just too hot. But just before I woke I had a deranged dream where pop singer Adele tried to teach me to dance by using my VR headset. I guess that means something.

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