Strange to be back

We got to move back into our house this afternoon, the contractor giving us the all clear about 4pm. It’s by no means finished; there are holes in the ceiling, none of the lights work upstairs, only one bathroom is plumbed in, the lights downstairs work, but the only way to turn them on and off is by going to the breaker box in the basement …

… But still, it’s good to be in our own home again. I calculated that this morning was the 15th time this year we’ve had to pack up and move out of somewhere, so the thought that we’ll be basically stationary for a few months fills me with glee.

Other stuff:

We joined Costco. Costco is like if Americans had adopted Communist-style central planning but still had an abundance of stuff. You stride the length of an enormous building, selling pallets of things that may or may not be what you want. Don’t like Honey Nut Cheerios? That’s a shame, because there’s a five pound box on special offer. It’s good for bulk dry goods and huge TVs, and we may find it useful when it comes to putting furniture in the house.

I bought more paint. I’m preparing a team of Terracotta Army themed Blood Bowl players, and I have a recipe for terracotta, but it requires a bunch of discontinued or out of stock paints, so I spent half an hour at MOX trying to figure out how to get close to what I want. I’ve lost all my paintbrushes somewhere though, so I may not get this done in time…

We went to our neighbours for dinner. The girls jumped on the trampoline like crazy, then demanded I did likewise, which really wore me out. I’m not built for this.

And I played a game of Blood Bowl online, and gave up a solid win for a draw by delaying too much. Silly me.

And now to bed. At least we still have a bed.

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  1. I too joined Costco ! Thought I’d check it out with a view to stocking up on stuff for our 50th. Trundled an enormous trolley around their cavernous warehouse and filled it with just one enormous sealed multi-pack of tissues. Then lockdown arrived and I never went back. But at least we had boxes and more boxes of tissues. So that made everything ok !

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