Stressful things

Monday again, and I walked the girls to school and back before spending the day grappling with data, coming down once to try to sort out La Serpiente’s maths class, and taking her for a bike ride to the coffee shop.
Destroyer refused to eat her broccoli for dinner, so I told her she couldn’t have any dessert. This led to wailing and screaming that we all ignored, and then I gave both girls a bath. I used to bathe them every day in Singapore, but lately I’ve fallen out of that role and left it to my wife to take it on. From tomorrow until whenever, I’ll be doing bedtime on my own again to try to give her some more space.

Having got the kids to sleep, I played a game of Blood Bowl with my goblins and got a draw against a team I expected to wipe the floor with me. So that was a nice hour in the evening. After that, we played Among Us, a multiplayer game where one of you is a imposter sabotaging the others on a spaceship, and then we watched the Great British Bake Off. The most stressful of these three things was definitely the baking. Odd, that.

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