I shouldn’t be stressed today, but even my watch is telling me I’m in need of some breathing exercises to calm down. I think it’s probably the late night cryptic emails from City Light, where I ask for clarification and they just send me the same email, highlighting the part I didn’t understand, as if repetition was enough.
It could also be living in somebody else’s house, trying to get our car replaced before it explodes, trying to excel at work, trying to figure out all the things we need to do to make our house habitable again, and (today) getting an incomprehensible email about submitting proof that I can work in this country.

It’s just a lot, an awful lot, and then the girls decided to have a massive tantrum in the morning, and then crash a meeting of mine, yelling and screaming in the afternoon. I’m glad I’m taking tomorrow off; hopefully I can solve some of the many worries I have just listed above, and get back onto an even keel again.

Also: two terrible games of Blood Bowl. Must remember not to play when tired and stressed, as it makes me more tired and stressed…

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