Stretching, random bite marks and more

I had a mobility session at the climbing wall after work today. This was an hour that I (mostly) spent in downward facing dog position, with variations like twisting your hips and putting one leg out at right angles while leaning on one arm. That was a good way of practicing some of the positions needed to climb on the wall, but as ever, muscular work really tires me out. Although the hour went pretty fast, I was wrecked by the end of it, and after a few unsuccessful attempts on a 19 problem, I went to our local pizzeria. And had pasta, because it’s not yet been a week since the last pizza I ate.
When I got home, I had a shower, and noticed two crescent shaped marks on my chest. That was… odd. I didn’t remember anyone biting me today. It took some thought to realise that one of tonight’s exercises was leaning against a wooden pole to release tension in the chest. So I guess that’s better than me forgetting somebody has been biting me.

This morning I worked from home, because in every company there are never enough free meeting rooms, and I had calls from 8:30 onward. I even had a call when I was on the bus to the office at noon, but I was too busy talking to a chap named David who told me all about the many streets near Changi that are named after streets in London, and that was more meaningful than any other tomfoolery I could have been listening to.

I also ate pancakes today. I think that’s the sum total of all the exciting things I did. And so to bed.

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