We installed a Lutron Caseta switch in the hallway of the house today. This is a switch that comes with a remote, so we can put a second switch for the hallway at the top of the stairs without having to tear out walls to run more wire. The main reason I wanted it, though, was for integration with Lutron’s home management system – now I can turn that light on and off remotely, as well as set up schedules for it (eg to turn it on when the sun sets, or half an hour before the sun rises).
The only feature I can’t use yet is the dimming function, because the bulbs on the stairway sconces aren’t dimmable. That means that if you dim them, nothing happens until you get to 30% brightness, at which point two stay on and the third (an IKEA special) strobes like crazy. Maybe it’s the start of a dance party.

This was my last day of holiday for a while, so I did … very little for most of it. I spent some time helping sort out more wiring, I tidied our bedroom and found some clothes to throw out, and did what else I could to put the house in a state where we’re very slightly closer to moving back in. And then we had Thai for dinner instead of pizza, which is a revolution for Friday.

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