Strong and blonde

I went grocery shopping this evening and was enticed by a bottle of Antichromatic, a white stout made by the Postdoc Brewery Company. It turned out to be a rich, coffee tasting stout, but a clear amber, not dark and opaque like the Guinness I’m used to. It was also 10.4% so I spent the rest of the evening bumbling around, somewhat confused.
Today we moved house again, into an Airbnb "cottage". It’s quite nice: a big main room with a bedroom and bathroom leading off it. The girls get to sleep in the bedroom; we get the sofa bed in the main room, but this is only for a week, so it’s tolerable.

It was perishingly cold though: the place had been empty at least all day, maybe longer, and it was 0° outside and no warmer inside. We set the heaters going but it took at least six hours to get to a point where the house felt comfortable.

Still, only two moves left to go. We spent some time with my electrician today, and also running back and forth between house and hardware stores, buying cables and conduit. I’m reasonably confident we’ll have heating and hot water by the end of February. As for the rest, that will take as long as it takes …

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