Today was eventful; after a day or two where FedEx kept pretending they couldn’t find my office, they finally delivered my wife’s new sim card. Now she could finally have a working phone again. Except her phone refused to work with her new sim. I’m not saying that’s why it ended up with its screen smashed. It’s clearly just a confidence and not my wife punishing electronic devices for rebelling.
Today my wife also went to view some houses, some enormous and very modern, and some a bit older (but adjacent to a hipster coffee shop). I’m confident (ish) that well have a home to move into soon. I’m less confident we’ll be able to afford any furniture, but the good news is that our shipping container is probably only a month away from being delivered, so then we’ll have a knackered bed and some mattresses we can put on the floor.

I also booked our yearly holiday to Nova Scotia, which will be a month in August. Also known as me moping at home while the kids are away.

Then, if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, my wife watched two episodes of Game of Thrones and then Destroyer woke up, demanding her feet be cuddled. It’s hardly Danerys Taegeryen, is it?

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