Subtle improvements

It was a wet and gloomy day when I woke up, and so taking the girls on their daily commute was a trial, but I got back home, lit my candle and settled down for a morning of work.

Well, today a morning of meetings, which were for the most partquite productive, with a few minutes mixed in where I stared slack jawed at the screen, wondering what I was doing with my life. And on, and on and on.

In the afternoon my wife, exhausted, went to bed for a nap, and I had the girls for an hour. A friend came round to play at the park (is this ok? The kids all masked, running around outside? Do we believe middle class people don’t get covid?) and the girls wanted him to come back to our house to play with the slime they were making. But he couldn’t, and so both my children began to weep. La Serpiente calmed down after a while, but even the promise of a treat couldn’t lift Destroyer from her funk, so I took my eldest to the cafe. Which was shut because of a covid case – note what I just said about the middle class perceived invulnerability, because nobody gets sick in our neighborhood.

The ice cream shop was open and although La Serpiente doesn’t much like vegan ice cream, when she saw they had peppermint she went for it, and so we walked home with ice cream, in mid December, and gave a bit to Destroyer too.

Then I struggled to do more work this afternoon, and thence to the evening. A stressful game of Battle Sister where I fought through a nunnery, and then reached my demise in a gorge on a desert planet, and then that was me done and broken for the night.

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