Sun, and levelling out

The sun came out today, and I propped up the desk in my makeshift office with a souvenir doorstop we bought in Singapore. (On Sunday I rearranged the home office so that I’m no longer sandwiched between a ladder, four cardboard moving cartons and a precarious stack of Blood Bowl miniatures, but I hadn’t realised the floor sloped so badly and that meant everything was at a distracting angle until the dragon saved me)
I had a reasonably productive day. The girls loitored in the back garden, I drank coffee, made a few slide decks, did some analysis, strummed my banjo idly (I have my first lesson next week) and took some calls. My legs are incredibly sore after yesterday’s five minute run, but my Garmin helpfully told me that today was a rest day. So I didn’t move about very much.

We were gifted face masks by a neighbour who sews them together from fabric, so we had our first walk in them today. We’ll, me and La Serpiente did Now she’s asleep in my bed, Destroyer is in hers, my wife is asleep downstairs. It’s a good life. I guess I get up early tomorrow and do my run…

Oh, and today the expected news came that all schools are shut until September. So that leaves some entertaining to do…

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