Sunday archaeology

We made a big effort and tidied up the bedroom this afternoon, while the rain poured down outside (summer is over again, apparently).

Well, I spent a few hours moving boxes and rearranging things, while La Serpiente hid under her bed and read books. My wife had taken Destroyer to a birthday party a few blocks away, and came back to find some of the disarray that I’d produced.

However, for the first time in over two years we can get to the storage unit (a veteran IKEA Kallex, that’s survived being moved through Singapore in a van and across the Pacific Ocean, and that’s allowed us to find things that have been festering for a couple of years, like old batteries and swimming goggles and Bose noise cancelling headphones that have corroded batteries leaking deep inside them. Yep, a whole treasure trove of stuff.

Between that, and clearing the mess from the living room, it feels like the house is close to being reasonable, possibly no longer a mess of boxes that haven’t been unpacked.

Well, fewer boxes that haven’t been unpacked …

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