Sunday is like Saturday

This morning I took Destroyer down to Biscuit & Bean and bought our regular bag of biscuits, then rode home for breakfast; biscuits and scrambled eggs (and bacon for everyone else).
We repeated yesterday (sort of). This time, I took Destroyer to the toy shop to buy Lego, but we cycled rather than walking, and then rode up to the bookshop to meet La Serpiente and my wife. That meant that rather than being totally exhausted, the kids functioned for the rest of the day (at least until Destroyer had a meltdown at bedtime).

We made most of Destroyer’s Lego set (a Batman and Metalbeard diorama) and then our next door neighbours had a party to reveal the gender of their second child (they’re getting a daughter). Our kids got balloons, which made them happy, and I got a beer.

So that’s two weeks without proper exercise, or at least failing to run. Better start it up again next week. I’m now vacillating between different chin up bars so I can get strong enough to go climbing again. I wonder if the kids will clamber up them or not …

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