Sunday morning

A view from the wrong end of the telescope…

It was clearly a mistake, a glorious, life-defining mistake, but a mistake nonetheless, to choose a cocktail made from tequila and a chunk of cheese to drink last night. I felt pretty revolting this morning, and I doubt that was entirely from the half bottle of gin I sank before we went out to the bar. Ah well.

Annoyingly, even without the children in the house, we still woke up just as we would if they had been there – so with a drunken bedtime of 2am, we got just 5 hours sleep. This is doing nothing for my resolutions, although it afforded me the chance to waste a bit of time on my Xbox driving a car around the Lake District. So that was nice.

The girls reappeared in our life, along with their friends and ours who they’d been with overnight, so we all went out for a breakfast of pancakes. After that, we settled into what may be the new routine for Sunday – the girls and I painted Games Workshop models (I’ve been working on a series of Very Butch Men who appear to be wearing white cycling shorts and big leather harnesses), then they had some lunch, then they each had a small tantrum, and then I’d go climbing and they’d have a play date.

(Today was exceptional, in that I played a game of Blood Bowl and lost 5-1 – it’s not exceptional that I lose when I’m playing with my goblins, but exceptional that we managed to score, as we’ve only managed that twice in the last 13 games…)

I went to Boulder Movement with my friend Hugh while the girls and my wife went to Hugh’s house to play with his wife and son, and then we exhausted ourselves climbing for an hour (I failed to repeat my triumphant ascent of the 20 from the other day) before rendezvousing with our families. Bedtime was very easy today (both kids were exhausted to the point of complete mental collapse) and thus the evening was mine.

And relax…

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