Sunday progress

I met one of my old school friends today, almost 11 years since we last met (which I can be fairly sure of, because that was at our wedding reception in London). He and his wife and kids are relocating back to England (via a camping trip in Washington and a trip to Hawaii, which seems an odd direction to go, but then I moved to Seattle from London via Hong Kong, so what would I know?
I took them to coffee at one of our neighborhood favourites, Fresh Flours, then rushed off to the homeless camp to deliver food and water. There’s another heatwave threatening for Seattle, although I expect not as bad as a few weeks ago. Back home, the drywallers were working Sunday, so when I got back they’d taped over all the joins in the drywall, a step antecedent to mudding over it all, and then a few more layers of mud, or plaster, or whatever it is.

I went climbing, and did a few things I couldn’t do before, so now my feet are sore and my hands are sore and my arms are sore and my legs are sore, but I remembered to eat salad for dinner rather than the garbage I’ve been shoveling in for the last two weeks, and so I feel I’m doing something better for myself.

I also programmed our lights so the porch light switches on when I get within 1000 feet of the house, so on dark nights the light will come on before I have to walk up the steps, a wonderful luxury, even if it relies on me having innumerable apps all active on my phone at once. Need to work on that…

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