Sunday scramble

This morning, after drinking the cold brew I made (ok, but not worth 200 grams of nice beans) we helped out at the community garden across the road from our house. I used brute force to uproot a few plants, mulched some beds, pulled up some weeds, and after two hours went to have a go at our own garden. That wasn’t any easier, partly because the plants I need to hack at were hiding behind a mound of rubble from our renovation. Still, I made a few strategic cuts.
This afternoon, after venturing down south to help the homeless, I played a game of Blood Bowl with Destroyer, where I squeaked a narrow draw (Destroyer almost winning with a last turn pass that vanished into the crowd) and then I did my best to scare them with the next chapter of The Hobbit (one I’d totally 3, and thought was made up for the film, where they’re stuck up trees with angry goblins and wolves beneath them).

Thence to bed, and then my wife and I watched a MotoGP documentary, and the first half hour of a fun Maggie Q thriller, The Protégé, before accepting that it really was time for bed. And so on to the morning.

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