Sunday Sunday Sunday

It was freezing and misty this morning. I stuck on my headset and did 25 minutes of squatting and flailing my arms before breakfast, which wrecked me for the rest of the day. The rest of the day mostly consisted of throwing a ball for the dog we’re dogsitting, until he lay down and panted like crazy, refusing to run after it any more.
The girls, meanwhile, showed little inclination to attend to the dog, which once again indicates to me that their demands to have a dog of their own are, if genuine, not backed up by behaviour. Fun though a dog is, I don’t know that I want to be exercising one every single day.

After my weekly trip to hand out food and coffee to the homeless, I went got myself a coffee and an unsatisfactory vegan burrito, then made bruschetta and emptied the dishwasher, two thrilling tasks. Well, the bruschetta was fun.

I finished reading Gideon The Ninth, a book about lesbian necromancers in space (that’s what the blurb says, anyway). I really didn’t understand what was going on for nine tenths of it. Perhaps I need to read the sequel to understand. Or perhaps that’s a cunning wheeze to make me buy the sequel …

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