Sun’s out, power’s out

It rained a ludicrous amount last night, the wind lashing the house and whistling like it was ready to blow the world away. I woke to find the house intact, but school had been cancelled because enough people in Seattle were without power. Once again, a reminder of how lucky we are. Ironically, today was sunny, the most productive day our solar panels have had so far this year.
I’d taken yesterday off because our power had been out (a scheduled outage rather than just the wind) so there was plenty to catch up on. I descended occasionally from my desk to have the kids yell and scream, but otherwise a normal day for me.

Last night I also stayed up reading, finishing the second volume of Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law trilogy. The second volume is inferior to the first, insofar as it has a long boring quest across a empty continent, and a siege where it’s pretty clear everyone will die. I preferred intrigue and swordfights in the grim north, but I hope it’s setting up for the grand finale of the third book. And gradually that adds to the things described in A Little Hatred, set twenty or thirty years later. I wish I’d read everything in order…

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  1. So pleased to read a blog from you. It seems ages, but ‘‘twas only last weekend. Covid-time is like no other, time either passes too quickly or seems to standstill

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