Surprising my child

This morning I went out for a run, because I need to get more exercise and I know that by the time the evening comes, the haze may be back or I may be exhausted from baby wrangling. So I set my alarm for 6, slept on the sofa and then got in almost 5 miles before breakfast. Returning home, nobody was awake. I crept to La Serpiente’s room and cracked the door open, and saw her eyelids flutter as she woke up. She levered herself out of bed and began to shuffle towards the door, ready to go into our bedroom and demand attention. Then she registered me looking at her, and leapt back, clearly startled that an unexpected parent was peering down at her. I feel very privileged at what I think is one of the first times that La Serpiente has actually jumped at an unexpected appearance. No longer are we just random beings that waft in and out of her life, or at least I infer this from her surprise at me turning up when she thought she had a clear run to the bedroom door. Or she’s disgusted by sweaty beardy men appearing uninvited in her bedroom.

Sad to say, startling her coincided with her getting a bit upset, but when I moved her to lie on the bed next to her mother, she went back to sleep again for another half hour, and then woke full of cheer. So it seems it’s only taken 9 days to get Happy Serpiente back, after all the noxious events following her food poisoning. And so to work…

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