Sweaty days and nights

Today the kids were good at breakfast, and then yelled at me half the way to school, until I relented and let Destroyer carry her yoga mat. (It’s about the same height as her so I was unconvinced that she’d be able to carry it to school without dragging it through the dirt.) Happily, after that they were both happy, and I was quite content. In fact my contentedness lasted all the way back to the flat to pick up my bag and to the office, until I realised I’d left my shirt on my bed and was rocking up to work “dressed like Jesus”, as a colleague put it.

Well, I’m not sure our Saviour had plastic sandals or a tshirt with a picture of some surfboards on it (or a red plastic hair band) but I’m sure he would have agreed with the beard.

Well, maybe.

After work I felt pretty ghastly today (perhaps because I spent the whole day looking at a screen and failing to drink water) so when I got home I passed out on our bed until it was time to put the girls down. La Serpiente was down in moments but Destroyer was on the gibbering track, lasting at least 15 minutes before I fled to go to the climbing wall and try some new routes. I did half an hour there, just long enough to prove to myself I could do some routes I’d not attempted before, and then as I was still exhausted from yesterday, I went home and slumped on the couch.

Well, I dripped on the floor for a while first, because it’s another sweaty night in Singapore, but who needs that detail?

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