Swimming again!

I went back to the pool tonight because the spinal specialist told me it was fine to do so. I was tired after a long day (not sure if it helped that the builders uncovered even shoddier workmanship on the other pillar on the front porch) and had a headache, so I didn’t expect to do well. But worse, I’d got muddled up and gone to the wrong pool by accident, so after fifteen minutes I had to leave.
Still, I’d done as much as I could while tired, and that’s good. Tonight I concentrated on breathing, which sounds daft, but as of last time I couldn’t breathe to my left, only to my right, when doing freestyle and long term this looks to me like a recipe for imbalance.

So I forced myself to do a few lengths of breathing on every third stroke: that way it alternates between breathing to the left and the right. It still feels quite unnatural to breathe to my left and I was pulling my head up way too high, but after a few lengths, if not exactly getting the hang of it, it wasn’t going horribly wrong.

So now I have two goals every time I’m at the pool; breathe right, and do lots of laps. As we’re almost halfway through the year, will be interesting to see how things turn out…

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