Swimming and nostalgia

pent most of the day painting a team of Blood Bowl players – the eventual result was something I was pleased with, until I took a photo to share with friends and realised when I zoomed in that there was lots of work left to do. But still probably serviceable for a game, even if I won’t be winning any competitions with it:

The League Of Prominent Vegans (because Beastmen get upset if you start using a lot of leather goods when making their armour and harnesses…)

Then, because we hadn’t done enough to wear the kids out, we went to our friends’ condo and mucked about in the pool for half an hour. I threw the kids in the air, La Serpiente showed off her butterfly kick, and I managed to do three laps of a 25 metre pool. Having successfully worn them out, we went home and the girls were asleep in maybe five minutes, without complaints or fuss. 

I emerged from the girls’ bedroom to find one of our friends visiting and grasping a gin and tonic. We nattered for an hour and then went out for a walk, and I ended up with my Monthly Meat – a burger with extra bacon and fried onions, and probably ate more chips than necessary. 

Then home, just in time to discover Sleeping Dogs, one of my favourite video games of this decade, discounted to $9 to play on my Xbox One. So instead of sleep tonight, I’ll be relearning Cantonese swearwords… 

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