Swimming Lesson #21

Today I remembered not to drink too much coffee, and I kept quite hydrated before my lesson, but I also ate three Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so I guess things averaged out.

I had a breakthrough today though: I managed two lengths of breaststroke without anything going wrong. Finally I got the timing right: kick, then arms, then breathe, then back in and kick again. Key to this was getting up faster; it’s hard to judge, but you need to get up and breathe before you stop gliding forwards, so you don’t grind to a halt with every single stroke.

My backstroke wasn’t so great today; with tired arms from the other strokes and from yesterday’s climbing session, I really struggled. But that’s still better than where I was last year, say.

On freestyle, two areas to improve. I’m either not pulling my hands far enough back, or I do so in a circular motion rather than straight back, and that’s not very efficient. The other thing is I’m still moving my head up to breathe rather than just turning it sideways. There’s a drill for this: with one arm extended and resting on a float, and the other straight back, swim forwards in regular freestyle, and then turn your head (which is resting on the shoulder of your extended arm) to breathe. Half the time I got it, half the time my face was still submerged.

Still, it feels like good progress this week. I got home, had a cheese sandwich and tickled the kids for a while, then went out and ran errands. Two days until we move, and the house is still a complete wreck…

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