It was another warm day today and I was sore from climbing. The kids went to sleep easily and I hauled myself off to the pool to attempt to beat my previous record. This time it took me twenty five and a half minutes, but I did 18 laps, my best this year (and I think I did that once before, but it took me much longer). For the first time, I was almost reliably doing two lengths at a time, rather than stopping for half a minute between each lap. Ok, now I’m stopping for a minute every two laps, but if I can start to shrink that down to thirty seconds, things will improve again.
I’m still maddeningly inconsistent, even within the same lap. Sometimes I’ll comfortably do six strokes without coming up for air, other times I’ll be swallowing water and struggling to stay afloat. But I didn’t have to stop at all, just chugged along at about the same pace throughout. Maybe if I can learn to ignore everyone who’s better at swimming than me, and just focus on improving.

My new goggles haven’t exploded yet. This is a good thing.

What else happened today? Well, I took the girls to the coffee shop up the hill to give them some exercise, and spoiled the story of Joe Simpson and Touching The Void for them. But they need to know what to do while descending a Patagonian mountain with broken legs, right?

Tomorrow, I try to fit in a run between the school drop off and starting work. This is either going to be great, or the end of me…

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