Tacoma again

This morning we drove down to Tacoma in a cloud of rain. It’s really quite scary how fast everyone drives in such poor visibility, but we arrived unscathed and dropped my wife off at the hospital to get her second covid jab. I then spent half an hour trying to find a place to buy the girls hot chocolate, before my wife called to say she was done and ready to be picked up, half an hour faster than when I went down on Wednesday.
That gave us ample time to visit the Tacoma Art Museum, a reasonable sized gallery filled with Chihuly glass, as well as a hilarious oversized sculpture of a dog made from cardboard and nails.

The girls were great. La Serpiente’s previous encounter with Chihuly involved her sprinting at as many expensive pieces of glass as she could, though she was only one at the time. There was more worry that one child or the other would poke a hole in a painting while gesturing at it enthusiastically.

After about an hour they were done, so we drove over to near the Tacoma Dome, where there’s a food court in an old warehouse, strangely reminiscent of our time in Singapore. We loaded the girls up with chicken and hot dogs, picked up "The Pacific Northwest’s Best Scones" (too sugary) and then drove home in another rain storm, while I fought the urge to sleep. My wife went to bed, me and the girls painted Chaos Space Marines, and then I read them a bit more C.S. Lewis. A decent day, then.

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  1. Amazing the dog is made of cardboard , I thought it was a plaster work that had gone wrong !!!

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