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  • Dreaming of doing doughnuts

    Ever since I picked up the Mustang, the thought has been lurking at the back of my mind that I should take it to a deserted parking lot, muck about with the handbrake and the throttle, and see if I can lay some dreadful circles of smoking rubber across the tarmac. But it’s hard to […]

  • Back to Perth

    This morning I had to conduct an interview and then spend time chasing up an appointment for my MRI, so I worked from home, planning to go straight to the airport. But then at the last moment I found I had to go to the office, so I somewhat frantically packed the last things into […]

  • The way back from Margaret River

    La Serpiente had a sleep over last night, which meant she and another five year old girl occupied the same room and spent ages refusing going to sleep. Once she finally relented I sat in the kitchen for a while, until Destroyer had a fever and La Serpiente reappeared, asking for her mother. A good […]

  • Last Day In Perth

    I woke at 6 this morning, La Serpiente curled up against me, sunlight streaming in through the blinds we had forgotten to close last night. Thankfully, my daughter went off to entertain herself and I got a bit more sleep before going downstairs to start the day. We packed and were out of the house […]

  • Fremantle

    This morning we drove into Fremantle and had breakfast at Moore & Moore, a hipster cafe off the High Street. Then we went two doors down the street to Paper Bird, a children’s bookshop where Destroyer grew obsessed by a book about bums and screamed blue murder when we left without it. I was tempted […]

  • Back to Rottnest Island

    We went back to Rottnest Island today, almost a year after the first time we went there. We even went back to the Rottnest Hotel, where, as La Serpiente told my parents, “an eagle pooped in Daddy’s beer“. Well, it was a seagull and I had almost finished the pint, but it’s nice to see […]

  • Caversham Wildlife Park

    On our first morning in Perth, we walked down Leach Highway (which sounds like a road somewhere in Singapore, the Lee Chi Way) and had breakfast, before making La Serpiente cry by refusing to buy her a $25 toy unicorn that she was bound to forget about in a week. Then we walked home again, […]

  • Leaving Australia

    We had another round of coffees and babycinno in Dunsborough before we left, in another coffee shop. This time, the girls got straws and a hunk of banana bread they devoured, while we had a piece of salted caramel chocolate shortbread, then drove out and away. Dunsborough had woken up on Saturday; after being soporific […]

  • Wonky Windmill Farm

    It was raining this morning, so we dressed Destroyer up in her wet weather gear and the two of us went out to fetch the family’s coffees. I had to balance her on my shoulders for most of the journey, otherwise she yelled and screamed. When we got back, she turned her nose up at […]

  • Let me tell you all about the Busselton Jetty

    Today we tried to stay local in Dunsborough, rather than drive across half the state. That was fine in the morning, but there just isn’t that much going on here midweek in the winter, so after a morning of drinking coffee in every café in town (including one named after Nikolai Tesla where they didn’t […]