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  • A cold night in Hong Kong

    We travelled to Hong Kong today, and we’re making the most of our time in the Special Administrative Region by lying in bed under the covers, wearing all our clothes. What has gone so wrong with my life that I’m making such strange decisions?

  • Snowing in New York

    It’s snowing in New York. We had a long day of meetings in the office today, starting at 9am and finishing about 5:30, after which I staggered around for a bit and then had to call San Francisco. So when we finally left the office at 7, I wanted to go back to the hotel […]

  • Cold in Singapore

    It rained again this morning, and although the temperature is in the mid-twenties, it felt cold. So cold, in fact, that I wore a corduroy suit to work today, and didn’t faint from heat exhaustion ten feet from my front door. And the rain rained on, and the rain rained on us.

  • Leavenworth in winter

    One of the great things about Leavenworth is that it’s a small town. There’s not that much to do here in winter, especially if you have unsuitable clothes and it’s cold outside. Once you’ve been through the gamut of shops selling alternately Bavarian- and Seattle Seahawks-themed tat, and the proprietor of the motel you’re staying […]

  • Surprise in Leavenworth

    I got up early on my birthday and went out to buy doughnuts, an epic journey through the freezing streets of Seattle. I left wife and child sound asleep: after the previous night, where hostilities only abated at six in the morning, it was crucial to let them sleep. I peered in at about ten, […]

  • Arriving in Seattle

    When we got off the plane in Seattle, I was a bit wrecked. I’d maybe had three hours sleep, and I was tired, confused and deaf in my right ear. And we were two hours late. On the positive side, I’d watched lots of movies. On the negative, one of those was Draft Day, an […]

  • Ice Cold In Beckenham

    One of the most overlooked benefits of living in Singapore has to be the temperature. Yes, it may be dull that every day is 30 degrees, and the constant humidity, as though we all live in the armpit of a man wearing one too many overcoats, is a little galling, but back in Beckenham I’m […]

  • The drugs might work

    When I went to the doctor yesterday, I took the pills my wife had given me to take when the cold first kicked into gear. My doctor was very surprised when he saw the ingredients on the packet of PARAFLUZED, ($38 in any good Hong Kong pharmacy) and opined that it wasn’t the kind of […]

  • Slight return

    It took me about an hour to get home from the office this evening; I hailed a taxi as soon as I got out onto the street, I arrived at Victoria station with three minutes before my train pulled out, and I got picked up at the other end a minute after the train had […]