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  • Fifth birthday

    Today was La Serpiente’s fifth birthday, so after opening presents from my parents and sister, we took her and Destroyer out to Halifax. We had breakfast at Jacky’s Cafe, a surprisingly good Chinese restaurant in a shopping mall, then had four happy hours in the Discovery Centre down by the waterside. The Discovery Centre has […]

  • Sick day

    I woke feeling dreadful. Outside was just as bad as inside me: the air pollution index had shot up to 150 and the rainstorm outside was a nasty shade of tobacco yellow. Instead of taking La Serpiente to school and then going to the office, I sent her out with my wife and then lay […]

  • Curtains for you

    I woke up feeling rotten today, which I blamed on sleeping on La Serpiente’s floor, but the chill in my bones and the ache in my joints didn’t subside as the day went on. I was hoping I was just sore from my run last night, but it feels like I’ve come down with a […]

  • Nocturnal manoeuvres

    As San Francisco is not my favourite city in all of America, after work today I didn’t stick around in Palo Alto but went off to the airport to catch a flight to Seattle. Consistent with the last time I did this, Alaska’s plane was an hour late taking off, because of rain. Which is […]

  • Nasal irrigation

    I’ve had a bunged up nose for most of my time in Canada this summer, but it reached a nadir in the last few days, leaving me speaking like a caricature of a man with a cold, and gradually growing dumber and deafer. Fortunately one of our friends gave me a nasal rinse and today […]

  • Last photo before the break

    This morning I dropped my camera onto a wooden deck, from about twelve inches up. It was in its case, but even so I seem to have done damage to the lens, which no longer has working auto-focus. This is something of a pain, as reliable autofocus has made me lazy over the past five […]

  • Headbutts and headcolds

    Tonight I left work at 6:15 and went home, where my youngest was crying because she’d head butted the floor, and my eldest was shouting because … well, just because. I had hoped that after last night’s exhausted collapse into bed, La Serpiente would repeat the same trick tonight, but instead of that we had […]

  • Cold start

    London in winter is grey and wet and miserable. As I walked from Paddington to Oxford Circus this morning I could hardly imagine how I’d coped with living there when I was younger. But I was younger then, and dumber, or not aware of any other way to be. Now, softened by exposure to tropical […]

  • Lloyd Parkrun

    This morning I woke about eight, suitably dehydrated and hungry after last night’s New Year celebration, and after a breakfast of porridge, headed off to Croydon for my first run of 2016. The Lloyd Park Parkrun is two laps of the park, and at the briefing they warned how slippery it would be. Fortunately, I […]

  • Parkrun mirage

    This morning it was snowing at 8am, half an hour after we’d downloaded all our luggage from the taxi fdom the airport, and an hour before the start of the Crystal Palace Parkrun. I began to have misgivings about running in just a vest and a pair of shorts.