Headbutts and headcolds

Tonight I left work at 6:15 and went home, where my youngest was crying because she’d head butted the floor, and my eldest was shouting because … well, just because. I had hoped that after last night’s exhausted collapse into bed, La Serpiente would repeat the same trick tonight, but instead of that we had an hour and a half of flopping about, singing, shouting and generally refusing to sleep. I’m coming down with a cold and am in that aggravatingly incapacitated state where I’m sneezing and trying not to spray mucus all over my dear daughter, and at the same time bad tempered and feeling sorry for myself. It’s much worse to have a cold in the tropics as you can’t very easily crawl under the duvet and try to shut out the world. Not without succumbing to heatstroke.

I’m annoyed that I’m too sick to go riding my bike. I’d figured that with my broken toe, I could still get some exercise, but sneezing and bicycles are not a good combination. Best case, I’d sneeze all over myself. Worst case, I’d sneeze on a passerby, then go under the wheels of a cement truck and, when I got out of hospital, get thrown out of the country for outraging public decency (the sneezing bit – although with my present run of luck I’d probably inadvertently grab somebody’s behind while falling off the bicycle and then they’d really throw the book at me).

So, no bicycles. I’ve already gained a kilo, though that was probably from going mad at the weekend on cake and sugar. I firmly believe that eating all the sugar has forced all the vitamins out of my body and I’ve literally made myself sick by eating sweets. Seriously. I’m like a five year old. A five year old with a credit card. What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking of going wrong, I think La Serpiente has taken up sleepwalking. She was scurrying around in the dark last night, eyes shut, blundering through the hallway, her sleep sack swishing around, and although she was quick to go back to bed, three wake-ups in one night wasn’t the best way for me to rest and relax.

But never mind. Sleep now, and hopefully not wake up until morning…

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