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  • A low point

    This afternoon I went to the doctor, for my various ailments: high cholesterol, a dodgy looking toenail, my busted hand (which appears to be tendonitis and thankfully not a fracture), my busted knee (which appears to possibly be a damaged meniscus and not just swelling (not so good)), and my snotty nose (for which I’ve […]

  • My First Kidney Stone

    We went to bed just after midnight, at the end of a long day where we’d bunched, swam, carried the children around and I’d dangled from a series of holds on the climbing wall. Both very tired, the last thing I did was change my alarm for some rowdier music for the morning, then fall […]

  • Another trip to Bangkok

    Singapore is making me complacent; I had a flight at 6:35 this evening and at 4:45 I was still sipping gin and tonic at a friend’s apartment, shortly before running back to get my bag and call a taxi for the airport. And I still got to Changi in time to clear customs, browse the […]

  • A year later and three minutes slower

    Today was the second annual Singapore Shufflers 5k Handicap, where we arranged ourselves in ascending order of speed, and then ran around Bedok Reservoir. My speed had been judged on the basis of how fast I ran last year, which was a little cruel, because I did a 5k time of 19:36, and the best […]

  • Not so hot cross buns

    A friend came over this evening to pick up our old coffee table, and at some point he mentioned that he’d never had a hot cross bun. So I toasted a couple and buttered them, and I was just able to share in this Easter-themed repast when Destroyer demanded she have one as well. As […]

  • Unforgettable, oh so regrettable

    I spent most of yesterday feeling a bit off; vaguely nauseous and bloated, doubting my life. I tried confining myself to bed but couldn’t sleep, and eventually, dragged myself out for the gala dinner celebrating the marathon. This was via a boat that took us to a sandbank on the Irrawaddy River. Five minutes after […]

  • The best 90 minutes I ever wasted

    This morning La Serpiente went to the doctor, who looked in her ear and referred her to an ENT specialist. I stayed at home with Destroyer, or rather I took her out for a babycinno, laden down with toys and books for her. The waitress recognised the cover of Mr Jelly and exclaimed "what an […]

  • Driven to distraction

    This morning I took La Serpiente to school; with my wife still sick and Destroyer also not 100%, I felt bad about abandoning them to the school run while I went off to my meetings. And besides, I could just get a taxi after depositing La Serpiente, and still arrive in time, right? As ever, […]

  • Holiday planning and other nocturnal manoeuvres

    Tonight I spent some time trying to sort out holiday plans. I booked two cars (one for driving around Portugal, the other for a week in England), one night at a hotel in Slough (I really hope John Bejteman’s friendly bombs don’t blow it up before we stay the night) and four tickets for the […]

  • Bad Night

    La Serpiente woke up crying and coughing and wheezing last night, about 10. We dosed her with medicine and she was down for another hour or so, and then up again, making piteous sounds as she struggled for breath. It was unlike any noise we’d ever heard from her before, like she was in the […]