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  • Blue Wednesday

    I felt quite blue all afternoon today, possibly because it rained, or because I kept having coding issues, or because La Serpiente had coughed half the night and I’d had to lie in her bed to console her while she coughed at me. At least, I think I slept there. I woke up on Destroyer’s […]

  • Still figuring things out

    Two days later, I’m still none the wiser as to what Vietnam is. That’s partly a function of being cooped up in a hotel room or an office since I got here, my only sights of the country the occasional glances through a the windows of taxis at the outside world. I went to a […]

  • The fault is in our Star Alliance

    I’m flying from Terminal 2 at Singapore, which is a confounding experience. The check-in area is enormous, with high, high ceilings and a real feeling of space. Then you go through the passport check into the usual maze of overpriced duty free. And then, because I’m on an ANA flight to Tokyo, I walk a […]

  • Back in town

    After we’d collected our bags and navigated our way through Changi to retrieve our car seat and then return to the taxi rank, it was already past 2 in the morning. We got into a taxi and he then tried to drive off while my wife was still leaning in through the open door to […]

  • Disappointed once again

    I’m beginning to worry that I crave disappointment.