Back in town

After we’d collected our bags and navigated our way through Changi to retrieve our car seat and then return to the taxi rank, it was already past 2 in the morning. We got into a taxi and he then tried to drive off while my wife was still leaning in through the open door to fasten Felicity’s straps. I guess to make up for this, when we were all actually in the car, he drove as slowly as possible into town. Usually, every ride to and from Changi is a death-defying screamfest. At 2:30, with clear roads, it was a frustrating trundle when we wanted to be at home and in bed.

It’s not often I complain my taxi wasn’t frightening enough. I must be getting really jaded.

It was more frightening to discover that, according to my scales, I’ve put on about three kilos, but at the same time my body fat has gone down by 2% of my body weight. Could that all be water retention? (I failed to wear my compression socks until the final leg of our 21+ hours in the air, and as a result my legs were fat sausages, my normally skinny feet still bloated into chubby facsimiles of their usual selves.)

The best way to readjust to a different time zone is to get plenty of sunshine and keep active. So I went to the office and sat at a desk all day, ploughing through five hundred emails of varying complexity and excitement.

I lie.

There were only four hundred emails, and none of them were exciting.

I was amazed to have lasted all the way through the day without falling asleep, screaming, or taking off my clothes and getting in a fight with the lift. I suppose fatherhood has imbued me with greater strength of character.

While I was at the office, my wife unpacked all of our bags and put everything away, so that there’s no hint in the flat that we were ever away, except for a pile of mail that arrived in our absence. Most of which is dull-as-dreck updates on banking.

Truly I’m jaded. There was a time when a letter telling me how much money I had would thrill me with the potential for what I could spend it all on. No more.

Perhaps the letters are getting smaller. Or perhaps I was the one who got too big.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll be a proper human being again.

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