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  • A sunny day in Halifax

    We got up early and took the first ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax. In my dreams. As usual, a lot of lollygagging went on, so much so that a 9:30 planned start meant sprinting to make the 11:30 sailing of the ferry, but after that we could deposit the kids in a play area shaped […]

  • Fifth birthday

    Today was La Serpiente’s fifth birthday, so after opening presents from my parents and sister, we took her and Destroyer out to Halifax. We had breakfast at Jacky’s Cafe, a surprisingly good Chinese restaurant in a shopping mall, then had four happy hours in the Discovery Centre down by the waterside. The Discovery Centre has […]

  • Goon: Last of the Enforcers

    Goon: Last of the Enforcers

    Sean whatshisface (sorry, Sean William Scott, or The Artist Formerly Known As Stifler From American Pie) doesn’t show up very often these days. Perhaps Bulletproof Monk (my favourite Chow Yun Fat film to include Nazis in the Himalayas, white guy appropriation of King fu and a man angrily shouting "Moooonk!") was neither a critical or […]

  • One way to start the morning

    This morning I had a 5k race on the salt marshes outside Halifax. I was looking forward to this because salt marshes are pancake flat, and the combination of that with the sensible weather of Nova Scotia would mean that my Singapore-given aerobic fitness would be put to its best use. Instead of having to […]

  • Happy birthday La Serpiente

    To celebrate La Serpiente’s third birthday, we took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax and spent a fortune on outdoor gear at MEC. What says “happy birthday” better than seeing your father try on five different pairs of shoe, and then purchase an ice-cream maker in the shape of a football? Well, La Serpiente was […]