A sunny day in Halifax

We got up early and took the first ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax.

In my dreams. As usual, a lot of lollygagging went on, so much so that a 9:30 planned start meant sprinting to make the 11:30 sailing of the ferry, but after that we could deposit the kids in a play area shaped like a submarine and go to Wierd Harbour Espresso to drink cortados and eat cookies. The sun blazed down (a rarity in Halifax) and after the children had played enough (obsessing over pieces of gravel for no good reason, apart from it was what I always used to do) we walked up a hill to Barrington for lunch.

Lunch turned out to be a plate of chips bigger than your head at Two Doors Down, a restaurant with a name that’s just asking for trouble. We tricked Destroyer into eating haddock by telling her it was "white salmon" and La Serpiente ate chicken fingers because, well, because fried food and chicken.

From there, it wasn’t far to get to the Botanic Gardens, where we strolled for a few hours. The children ate ice cream, tried to walk on ornamental lawns, and chased ducks. I had to try to explain to my children why it’s acceptable for ducks not to wear shoes but not for us. Finally, we headed home, where I could nap while the kids played with a hose.

I think today was when jet lag hit me. I was usually bereft of conversation, whether you filled me full of food, caffeine or both. Or it was Ocean’s 8. Whatever. Tomorrow I’ll be back to full power, I’m sure.

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