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  • Not going swimming

    Because I have a great big hole in my knee, and I’m exhausted, I didn’t go swimming tonight. Instead I sent my wife in my stead, while I handled the kids and then settled down to do very little all night. I’m a high achiever, you see.

  • The consequences of IKEA

    Tonight I’ve got a three hour run to do. I put off doing it this morning because I was feeling tired from yesterday’s run, and ostensibly because I should be practicing my nocturnal workouts now in preparation for the race. Also, this morning we went to IKEA and I had to have all my mental […]

  • Moved

    We moved today, the culmination of a stressful week of packing things into boxes and shuttling back and forth between apartments. Today a team of men wearing indoor football shoes and matching tshirts arrived and grappled with all the bulky furniture and other cumbersome objects we were incapable of shifting ourselves. I didn’t have any […]

  • A long day

    I’ve had a very long day. I’m not complaining; it’s been a great opportunity to fit lots in, but it has also meant I woke on the sofa with drool in my beard at 10pm and the television blaring. Fortunately my progeny is too young to bear witness to this.

  • Transport of delights

    Today I went shopping with a friend, who I think wanted company as he navigated the labyrinth of Ikea. I wasn’t much help, as we were soon lost, trapped in a never ending loop through the kitchen furniture department, but who knows how much worse it could have been if he’d been alone?