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  • Praying Mantises

    This afternoon I went for a run, for the first time in eons. I think I did a Parkrun earlier this year, but today I waited until it was ludicrously hot, and after I was tired from a day of taking the kids to museums and swimming lessons, and then finally went out. I wasn’t […]

  • Weekly pizza

    I ordered takeout pizza from a place on Club Street, because it’s Friday and both the girls now love pizza. Destroyer perhaps even more so than La Serpiente – her joy was a wonder to behold. I think it is intensified by her new found ability to pronounce "pizza"; last week it came out as […]

  • An unexpected guest

    Sitting on the sofa this evening, indolently recuperating from the day, I saw what appeared to be a very fat, round bodied moth fly up above our sideboard and then flutter down again. "What was that?" my wife asked. "A … moth?" I suggested. We went over to look. It wasn’t a moth, it was […]

  • No shirt, no service?

    This morning, I dreamed I was using ultrasound to destroy all my shirts, and this was really annoying my wife. She even seemed slightly annoyed after I’d woken up and told her this: that’s what you get for disturbing my sleep patterns with Skype, even if you were calling just two minutes before my alarm […]

  • No flies on me

    There’s a mosquito somewhere in our apartment, and it hides, waiting for it to get dark. Lying in bed I hear the whine of it approaching, but never manage to catch it. Every day I wake up with welts where it’s feasted on me. The mosquito doesn’t like the cold, so it stays out of […]