Weekly pizza

I ordered takeout pizza from a place on Club Street, because it’s Friday and both the girls now love pizza. Destroyer perhaps even more so than La Serpiente – her joy was a wonder to behold. I think it is intensified by her new found ability to pronounce "pizza"; last week it came out as "pizzeee" but as she ushered me into our apartment this evening, she was saying "pizza" and literally jumping for joy as she did so. [More]
I had arrived a bit stressed. Spizza, the restaurant I collected the pizza from, is about half a mile from home. The route between the two is tortuous, full of building sites, drunks weaving through pedestrianised streets and very, very slow people standing gormlessly at crossings, gawping at the little green man on the traffic lights and failing to proceed. But it’s frowned on to punch people in the back of the head, and nigh impossible when you have your hands full with two pizzas and a box of salad.

On top of this, it’s hot in Singapore and I was wearing thick, full length trousers so by the time I got home (10 minutes after collecting the pizza) I was seething and sweating at the same time.

Then La Serpiente went out of her mind because she couldn’t watch TV, and although eventually we placated her with food, this was hard fought. (After dinner, wanting to read a book I let her watch 16 minutes of Paw Patrol, and when we turned that off she became an extra angry screaming mess. Hey ho.)

Of course by then we had another distraction: insects. In our old place, there was a termite infestation and there seems to be something similar here. Implausible in a concrete building that’s not even a decade old, but there we are. Dumb flying things that land on every surface and then crawl around, while our kids yell at them and we kill them with floor cleaner, searching behind furniture for their nest. Tonight, we didn’t solve the mystery. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll uncover the horror. Until then, sleep.

(A good thing about La Serpiente screaming the place down is that when she did get put into bed, she was asleep in 5 minutes flat. Difficulty in some parts of the day pays off as easiness elsewhere.)

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