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  • Apresdeluvian run

    I went to MacRitchie Reservoir for a run today. It was an easy choice; the Formula One race means any running route near Marina Bay is needlessly complicated, running to Mount Faber would be horrendously boring, and although MacRitchie is hilly and humid, it’s also fun to be running down a rocky path where you’re […]

  • Start as you mean to go on, 2017 edition

    After yesterday’s exertions I struggled to get up, ignoring my 6:30am alarm and only getting out to the trails about 8 this morning. I was scheduled for a 65 minute ‘envelope’ run, a horrorshow where you’re meant to run at a ‘mildly uncomfortable pace’ and, rather than go around the Marina Bay for the nth […]

  • Going round in circles

    Today, while La Serpiente was going to see her first film in an actual cinema (the apparently very good Zootopia) I took Destroyer to get weighed and measured. (It was Vesak Day in Singapore on Saturday, which meant my employer gave me Monday off, although it’s not an ‘official’ official bank holiday Monday, so the […]

  • The Laziness Of The Long Distance Runner

    Today I went back to MacRitchie Reservoir for an early morning run. It’s been a while since I ran there: there’s a bug on the Garmin website right now which means I can’t search it, but Strava thinks I haven’t run around MacRitchie since October of 2014. Which I suppose could be possible, as in […]

  • Drinking and running

    Last night I was tired and a little drunk, and worried about getting up early for a long run this morning. Still, I did go to sleep very quickly and woke up after eight solid hours sleep. I dressed and ran down to the fitness area at the base of the Pinnacle, and waited for […]

  • Things I learned at the end of the year

    Last night I stayed up way too late, reading Madame Bovary. The Christmas period is a good time for rest and reflection, catching up on sleep and getting organized. Not for depriving yourself of sleep by rereading French novels. Needless to say, La Serpiente Aquatica Negra awoke at seven as usual and came to wake […]

  • Frustration

    I got up slowly, lazily this morning and didn’t get out of the apartment until 7:30, but luckily as soon as I got on the street I found a taxi. Unluckily, he didn’t know where MacRitchie Reservoir was. “MacRitchie?” I repeated. He looked nonplussed. “Upper Thomson” I suggested, as that’s close enough. He nodded assent. […]

  • Early morning runs and the hypocrisy of taxi drivers

    Instead of going to bed on time, I stayed up late watching rubbish on the internet, which meant when the alarm went at 6:30 I snoozed it, and struggled to be out of the door before 7:30. Still, I got a taxi easily enough and got to MacRitchie Reservoir super quick, and super cheaply: usually […]

  • The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands

    Today I wrote a ten thousand word review on Tripadvisor, for the Mexican restaurant we went to in Seattle on La Serpiente Aquatica Negra’s birthday. There are various things I should have been doing today, like the washing up, or tidying all the papers on the table, or going for a run, but I slept […]

  • A drop in the ocean

    This morning I got up at 6:15, had a bit of breakfast and tried to get a taxi to MacRitchie. For ten minutes, not a single car went past. Then three taxis came, each on shift change, not wanting to go my way. Another taxi drove past with a green light, but the driver pointedly […]