The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands

Today I wrote a ten thousand word review on Tripadvisor, for the Mexican restaurant we went to in Seattle on La Serpiente Aquatica Negra’s birthday. There are various things I should have been doing today, like the washing up, or tidying all the papers on the table, or going for a run, but I slept badly last night and didn’t feel up to any of that. Iwas inspired to write a review this long because somebody once wrote close to a novella on Tripadvisor about the time they went scuba diving, and I wanted to see if I could top it. It turns out I can write 10,000 words fairly easily if I put my mind to it, although it did require frequent repetition of the phrase "Mama’s Mexican Kitchen". Now the review is flagged as "waiting for review" which means some poor Tripadvisor employee is having to read all 10,000 words to check I haven’t libeled anyone. If it gets removed from there, I’ll post it here for posterity.

I meant to go to MacRitchie Reservoir this morning for a run, but failed to do so, and so instead I went over there at 5 this afternoon, and despite having to negotiate my way past two troops of monkeys, almost fall flat on my face once when I tripped over a root (going at quite a clip, my upper body angled at 45 degrees to the ground and it was only my legs scampering under me that saved me from an ignominious face plant, and stopping to do up my laces, and pausing to spit out a fly I almost swallowed, I still ran 25 seconds faster than my previous personal best. I think all this training is having some benefits. I purposefully tried to take it easy for the first few kilometres; I need to check if I did or not.

Every time I run MacRitchie, the rough rocks and the adverse cambers and the steep hills mean my calves, my ankles and my quads are wrecked for a day afterwards. Tonight I’ll wear my compression tights and hopefully fend off some of the agony. To recover, I rushed out of the house as soon as I’d showered and changed out of my sweaty gear, and had a big Mexican meal at Lucha Loco, and then, incapable of much more, staggered home to Skype my wife.

I only noticed today the ominous sign that they’re going to start building another MRT station outside our apartment block very soon. That could mean we have a very noisy place to live, which may mean we want to move sooner rather than later.

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    • Working on it. You’ll thank me for the extra formatting to make 10,000 words properly readable…

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