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  • Coffee and writing

    I settled down and wrote a thousand words of my time-travel/xenophobia story at lunchtime today, while my wife and children slept. This made me feel very productive, but also utterly exhausted, as I missed out on that crucial nap. It’s hard to balance creativity and sleep. I suppose when you’re younger and have less responsibilities […]

  • The curse of Wednesday the 13th

    Tonight I wrote some more of my time travel novel, and then my phone decided to delete everything I’d done for the last half hour, which left me enraged. I rewrote from memory what I’d just written, but under these circumstances it never feels as good as you remember it being. Still, a few extra […]

  • The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands

    Today I wrote a ten thousand word review on Tripadvisor, for the Mexican restaurant we went to in Seattle on La Serpiente Aquatica Negra’s birthday. There are various things I should have been doing today, like the washing up, or tidying all the papers on the table, or going for a run, but I slept […]

  • Resolutions for the rest of 2013

    Last night I couldn’t sleep until 2am, which meant that I spent the day feeling like I had a head full of sand, incapable of concentrating for long on any complex tasks, baffled and confused by the world around me. My wife and child fetched me away from the office at six, and took me […]

  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that

    Today we played Arkham Horror for the first time since we became parents. Possibly dealing with the squamous messes in a baby’s nappies makes you less keen on encountering eldritch (and slimy) horrors in fiction. Our child, perhaps feeling left out (particularly after my wife wouldn’t let me name her Ftagn) was silent until I […]

  • Short stories

    Every so often, somebody will say that Hemingway wrote the greatest short story ever, in only 6 words: For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn. Well, I wonder if we can get a bit shorter: Check the safety, Ernie! There you go: biography, dispatched in 4 words. If you didn’t like that, perhaps you can seek […]