Coffee and writing

I settled down and wrote a thousand words of my time-travel/xenophobia story at lunchtime today, while my wife and children slept. This made me feel very productive, but also utterly exhausted, as I missed out on that crucial nap. It’s hard to balance creativity and sleep. I suppose when you’re younger and have less responsibilities you can stay in your garret and smoke clove cigarettes, and be more productive. Perhaps I need to just drink a lot more coffee. An awful lot more coffee.

Just over the road from where we live is Nylon, a coffee joint that has featured in a Conde Nast magazine as somewhere in Singapore you have to drink coffee. All they serve is coffee; there are no macaroons, croissants, CDs from indie bands, comfy leather sofas, free wifi or any of the other accoutrements of modern coffee shops.

This is of course a problem, because as the best scrambled eggs are a mile or two north of our apartment, and the coffee there isn’t as good as it is at Nylon, I can never have a totally satisfactory breakfast. Or perhaps I need to have a breakfast that spans two miles. Again, that’s probably good for my health, less so for efficient use of time.

I also wonder if it’s possible to find a decent place for breakfast in Singapore that doesn’t have a stupid name. Ronin does the best eggs in town, but they’re named after masterless samurai – what does that have to do with toast and coffee, I can’t figure out. Nylon hardly sounds like they’re going to deliver wholesome food – you might as well christen your coffee roaster “Spherical plastic objects@ for all the organic deliciousness it sums up. I suppose the Tiong Bahru Bakery sounds like it does what it says on the label, but it’s too loud in there these days, and the croissants aren’t as good as at Joel Robuchon. (Which is in Hong Kong, and again, is hardly practical as a Singaporean breakfast choice.)

These are the worries that beset me. I suppose it’s better than worrying about the slow progress I make on my novel (writing something once every couple of months) but everyone needs something to worry about.

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    • It took me almost a week to make the Ronan – Ronin connection. All this time I’ve been thinking “how does Denise spell Boyzone R-O-N-I-N?”. It’s been a hard few days…

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