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  • Smash smash

    While running this morning, the 7 o’clock alarm began to chime, and so my Spotify app paused. I couldn’t imagine continuing to run without Shaun Ryder and Black Grape, so I fumbled with my phone to unpause it, and inadvertently cast my iPhone onto the ground.  It was less than six months old, and had […]

  • Looking for the right ringtone

    This evening I read about the Reichstag fire in the London Review of Books, and otherwise lay on the sofa being idle. My wife was out at an art fair, my daughter was (mostly) asleep and I was resting in preparation for tomorrow’s early start and run around MacRitchie Reservoir. Finally, when my wife returned […]

  • Windows Phone : what to like?

    It’s been over a month since I got my Nokia 920, long enough to familiarize myself with it and to start to understand what’s good and what’s not so good with it.

  • A new phone at last

    Yesterday I bought a new phone, after suffering my Blackberry and its vile construction quality for the last 15 months. As I’ve earlier written about my desire to disappoint and enrage myself, I didn’t go the easy route of buying an iPhone like everyone else, but instead got a Lumia 920. I did this for […]