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  • Monday Night Highlights

    As per usual, I walked the girls to school today. I was feeling quite sore after yesterday’s climbing session, and although we counted an acceptable number of dogs on our commute (6) I really wanted to rest some more. Instead, for the second consecutive day, Destroyer wept at the school gate, saying she wanted me […]

  • Treats that aren’t television and other revelations

    Our first flight, from Montreal to Tokyo, was blissfully relaxing; I got to doze and watch as many films as I liked. I realise now that I reached this beatific state by allowing the kids to also watch as much television as they liked. I.e. for the entire duration of the flight. When we arrived […]

  • Game of Thrones Season 2

    Tonight we finished watching the second season of Game of Thrones. The penultimate episode was almost comic in the number of decapitations, people getting masonry dropped on their head or their legs being chopped off with axes. Not to mention bright green wildfire (Wildfire was also the name of a Germanic pizza chain in Hong […]

  • Late to the party: Game of Thrones

    Tonight we watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, after my wife finally bullied me into shelling out for a subscription to Starhub Go in order to be able to watch it. (Never mind – the subscription is free for the first month so if we watch all 7 series by the 21st of […]

  • Are you not entertained?

    This morning we went out for brunch at Super Loco again. At least I thought we were, but my wife had other plans, taking me further down the river to the Kith Cafe. Whereas Super Loco has interior seating and toast, Kith Cafe has no seats inside, just a tiny counter, a sign of cunning […]

  • A new television

    I’m not blaming my wife, but she was the last person to touch our television. (We’ve only had it for about 6 years; it came to us secondhand when friends departed Hong Kong, and had survived being carried through Tin Hau, being transported up and down 14 flights of stairs, then being on a container […]

  • Disappointed at the Funan Digital Mall

    ​They’re decommissioning the Funan Digital Life Mall in Singapore. This is a five storey mall full of camera and computer shops, with some random fast food joints in the ground floor and a few places to buy manga-inspired dolls, a paintball supplier and a Games Workshop reseller called the Battle Bunker (it’s on the fourth […]

  • Walter White and Walter Wheat

    For Christmas, one of the presents I bought my wife was Baking Bad, a cookbook inspired by Breaking Bad. Ahahaha. See what they did there? It’s full of unsavoury foods like sweet candy simulacra of crystal meth, half-decapitated doughnuts and a Battenberg cake wearing a hat. Until a few weeks ago, I’d never seen an […]

  • Red Dwarf: Back To Earth

    The dehumidifier has been running in the spare room for almost a week, and every night there’s a full bucket of water to empty. I’m hoping that eventually it slurps less water from the air because the room dries out, but without being able to hermetically seal the spare room, that may be a forlorn […]

  • Back to Croydon

    I woke, crapulent, after too little sleep, to find the cat staring at me. She’s now old enough not to pretend at affection; now her expression conveys contempt along with a need for warmth and food. She jumped up onto the bed and lay down next to me, and then studiously ignored me, even when […]